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Uitgelaten op het tapijt.
I have been listening a lot again to music played with "classical" instruments, in a way, for a very long time, a world that was foreign to me.
Listening to the strange 'Orchester' LP by the Swiss composer Janik Giger and a lot to Timo Van Luijk's music and some of the releases on Recital kind of sparked this fairly recent love.
Catherine Lamb : Shade/Gradient, LP + book (Black Pollen Press)
(Gaby Losoncy suggested this one to me, which in a way makes a lot of sense coming from her. This record has a simular lenghty repetition, much like Gaby's non vocal work. I do not mean this in any way "negative", but this fantastic lp has this soundcheck feel. I remember being in Austria a few times being confronted with classical music, and really loving to hear the soundchecks. Like free music in absolute control)
Cassandra Miller : O zomer, CD (Another Timbre)
(Holy smokes. Another Timbre seems to be where i need to dig deep. They released a ton of cd's. This one was suggested to me by Fielding Hope, who works at Oto in London. I love how it sounds like there's 2 records playing simultaniously here. Fielding is trying to get her to perform as well on the event i will be playing at at the end of January at Oto, and i'm crossing my fingers for it to happen!)

posted on 17 Dec 2018 by dennis tyfus

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