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Zij die niet springen zijn niet opeens verrichters van een andere seksuele voorkeur dan voordien

On Saturday THE Miaux, who just celebrated her birthday, a day after Orphan Fairytale's Eva Van Deuren and Cassis Cornuta's Daniel De Wereldvermaarde Botanicus possibbly celebrated theirs in private, is playing a live concert in open air at Onder-Stroom, or well let's see if that's going to be possible.

Here's a akward song by Patrick De Meyer, who was involved with Technotronic amongst a million other late 80's - early 90's "dance" projects. It's my favorite project of his so far, combining outsider home recording essoteria with bar poetry. Thanks to Vincent Stroep Doggy Dog for sending me this beauty.

I have recently enjoyed these new editions:

Sarah Davachi : Cantus, Descant, 2xLP (Late Music)
(An ongoing trip of never disappointing classical ambient, there's even a hit on this one)

Lucrecia Dalt : No Era Solida, LP (Rvng. Int.)
(Best record of the year so far, in my little book at least)

Lichen Gumbo : Altered Village, LP (Lal Lal Lal etc)
(As good as rock music can possibly get, muffled, mental, krauty, stupid and in overdrive! The long track the B side ends with is like a hot shower after a long winterwalk)


posted on 16 Oct 2020 by dennis tyfus

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