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Pipo De Wie?

These are my favorite records of 2020 (in random order)

Laila Sakini : Viviene, LP (Total Stasis)

Elko B. : Realm Of Rides & Romance,  LP (Ekster)

Lucrecia Dalt: No Era Solida , LP (Rvng Intl)

Lichen Gumbo : Altered Village , LP (Lal Lal Lal)

Maths Balance Volumes : A Year Closer, LP (Penultimate Press)

Discovering Nyege Nyege and Fulu Miziki
Dana Gavanski : Wind songs, 12" (Full Time Hobby)

Roman Radkovič Collective: Televize, LP (Mappa)

Dewa Alit & Gamelan Salukat: Genetic, LP (Black Truffle)

the Groovecats Deluxe : Live At De Muze, 10" (Heavenhotel)
Bellows : Undercurrent, LP (Black Truffle)
Bill Nace & Graham Lambkin : The Dishwashers, LP (Open Mouth)

Liz Durette : Delight, LP (Feeding Tube Records)

Sarah Davachi : Cantus, Descant, 2xLP (Late Music)

And these are other things that happend in 2020

  • A trip to Austria with Vincent Stroep ending with a hike in the mountains of Scheibbs, Austria, the home of Albert Mayr.
  • A dinner at Restaurant Veranda with the lovely Charline Tyberghein, about a week before the first lockdown.
  • Joining Tim Van Laere's Gallery program. We got to know eachother through Het Keelmeisje, a matchmaker of sorts. My first exhibition there opens in June 2021.
  • An accidental get together in front of Café De Kat last summer. There has been thousands of these in the past, but that one was special somehow.
  • Miaux's birthday dinner.
  • Milan W. live at Het Bos, playing in a installation of Ena Podgorac
  • The only virtual live concert i've seen was Agnes Hvizdalek, she's never dissapointing.
  • The saddest moment of the year was Ward Zwart's funeral in Kalmthout, it coincided with the memorial concert for Peter De Ceulaer during the "celebration" for the 40th birthday of Radio Centraal AND the 60th birthday of Luther Vanhoof. After Ward's funeral Peter Vanderlintfabriek, Luther and myself turned out to be rather drunk and did a night long broadcast on Radio Centraal which was partly an interview with Luther, and a dedication to Ward and Peter. Walking home from that, hammered at 6 in the morning in a completely empty town was surreal.
  • Non stop drawing and listening sessions at Ercola alternating with daily walks around town.
  • Tal R. at Tim Van Laere Gallery
  • The Groovecats Deluxe at De Muze.
  • The rise of Universal Exports, a label ran by Roman Hiele, Yves Demey and Allon K., as well as an artspace in Allon K's livingroom. A wonderful tidy place where you can not take photos, you can only see the work there.
  • Hans Wuyts' fantastic proposals / exhibition at Fred & Ferry Gallery!

best wishes for 2021!


posted on 29 Dec 2020 by dennis tyfus

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