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Een fluitje van het vat, hoeveel centen kost me dat?

I have quite enjoyed 'De Nacht Van Permeke' (The Night Of Permeke) on Saturday night, besides the uninspired name of the event, there was a lot to see and hear at this second, annual event, all night long at the public library in the centre of Antwerp! One could basicly dwell around in a nicely lid library all over this gigantic building, find Gerard Herman upstairs between the books, creating new sleeves and titles for books that you are alowed to steal now. When entering the building you were welcomed by Vitalski, which was quite funny. After some of his "grin" poetry action he told me he was dissapointed that i was not there last year. I was invited to last year's edition of this event, and created a pre recorded lecture about poetry- and sound-poetry records, and music or records created by artists and writers, a lecture about things that are somewhat linked to the collection of the library. while i stayed home, I had asked Boris Van Den Eynde to lip sync this lecture, which he did fantasticly! Though lots of people told me afterwards they were dissapointed that i "flaked out", which is something i can not agree with at all, this was absolutely way better than if i would have been there myself. It's too bad the people from the library don't agree, and Vitalski does neither, though i am suspicious that he did not see Boris lip sync. The folks of the public library were also not happy with the 10000's of page holders that i created for them, they were utterly annoyed with putting those page holders in between the books that get borrowed there, and said things like "that is not our job". It must be a terrible drag indeed.
Also there: a theatre play, many musical live acts, dj's, a shadow play and a live broadcast of TV and Radio Centraal that i quite enjoyed: The ever inspiring folks of Bruinkool did a live radioplay about a performance artist that destroyed a yellow Ford Mustang, nude, only wearing stiletto's in 1973, followed by a lecture of the dog of Paul Van Ostayen and an interview with a dodgy weapon sales man that is also a writer and a poet.. with live music by Cassis Cornuta in between.

Using a space like this for an event like that is weirdly still refreshing, it brings together lots of different folks of this city, folks that usually don't see one another. And the event reminds me of the Radio Centraal events in 7 parts, where a bus would drive people all night long from place to place in Antwerp, on 7 different locations, providing you with a more private view into different practices in this strange village!


posted on 07 Jan 2019 by dennis tyfus

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