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Tonight Rirkrit Terevanija is roasting a pig in front of Tommy Simoens Gallery. And at Het Bos 'THE GOODIEPAL EQUATION' film will be shown for free, I will play some records afterwards at Bosbar! Most welcome!


I have seen the H8000 Documentary 'Anger and Distortion 1989 - 1999'.

In 1995, i got to know this pubescent youth movement called H8000 hardcore as a strange, quite male spin off on the right side of punk , that back then reminded me of a blend of the amish and the hare krishnas stuck in a cathoclic concentration camp. Some exceptions aside, to me, it seemed to be a humourless, angry, and especially scared version of punk. But maybe i missed something, and i was wrong, which i think was the case with the gabber movement of that same period. I still regret that i never went to a Thunderdome event or to Fauna, simply because i  thought it was going to be like a nazi parade or something and i was gonne get beaten up because i didn't exactly look like one of them, while these party's must have been absolutely insane.

I wanted to see this movie to be proved wrong, because i still actually really like hardcore, punk and everything around it. I also thought i might have this "folklore" feeling, like "ah these fellows were doing just the same as we did, but in a different way", which i sadly didn't think after seeing it. The people in this film actually seem to think they have invented hardcore as a musical genre and "way of life", there's hardly a mention on where it all came from, hardly any archival material or history and although there's 2 women in this film, i can't help but remember it as a creepy male macho scene. the way these folks talk about drugs is the same as somone like Filip De Winter taIks about it, which actually made me crack up. Same goes for the moment a drummer in this film says "i had a lot of fun in those days". I must say the only person that makes a little sense here is Edward, who runs Goodlife Records. Never thought i was ever gonne say/write that..


Teaser – NOT JUNK YET – The Art of Lary 7 from Sylvia Steinhäuser on Vimeo.


I have also finally seen the documentary 'NOT JUNK YET- The art of Lary 7'. A portrait of Lary 7, who i had recently met during my stay in New York. Lary 7 is the kind of caracter that seems to colour a city in brighter neon, somone that has a different idea every day and doesn't get caged by any kind of scene, artworld, money or whatever.

We get to see early Lary 7 footage, great hair styles and jackets, and lots of interviews with peers and pals of Lary, such as Jarboe and other Swans members, Larry Mullins of The Stooges, Tony Conrad, Matthew Barney, etc.

Lary reminds me of Daniel De Wereldvermaarde Botanicus, a bottomless pit of energy.

Meanwhile, i have utterly enjoyed:

Terry Fox : Berlino / Rallentando, LP (Apollo Records)
(Mindblown by this knaller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

posted on 29 Nov 2018 by dennis tyfus

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