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Drinken in de zee, mag dat eigenlijk?



(Soiban Fahey and myself)


Last Wednesday we went to a surprise party for Thurston Moore's 60th birthday in London. This was happening in a very small church in the area he calls his home since 5 years or so, Stoke Newington. My Cat Is An Alien played, a local lady punk group played and While we had dinner we missed the fantastic looking Ramones cover band.

Lots of invited and uninvited guests, including the gorgious Sioban Fahey of Bananarama.

During the day we went to see the Picasso show at Tate, a true uppercut to laziness! I would love to see other dickheads produce in one year time what this dickdouche produced on the topshelf he was laying on in the same time.



On Friday Evelin Brosi & Elvis Bonier performed 'Drone' at De Nor. This turned out to be a sculpture of some kind. Evelin & Elvis basicly layed on a keyboard, pushing a few of the keys in with their face, which then was amplified over the speakers. They layed like this for about 4 hours, until the battery's were dead. I knew in advance what they were going to do and was actually prepared to be at De Nor for the full night, though it did not take this long.



(Evelin Brosi & Elvis Bonier at De Nor, photo by Wanda Detemmerman)


Yesterday I went to see Moonstein's 'My Dear, My Dearest Dust', a dance piece at Haar in Antwerp. A quite intense rhythmic dance piece based on a moon cycle. I quite enjoyed the "steps" and the incredible percise music that carried it. At one point the floor gets amplified and triggers an electronic instrument, which really felt like a psychedelic experience.

Today, at 8pm Cartoon's Cinema is showing 'Juul's Ears', a documentary on Juul Anthonissen, who ran the jazz club Hnita Hoeve in Heist-Op-Den-Berg, the documentary is made by Phillippe Cortens, Bob Maes (not the VMO guy i hope..) and Carlo Dieltjens.


posted on 01 Aug 2018 by dennis tyfus

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