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May i thank everyone that helped, and showed up for last night's wonderful concert by Ignatz & De Stervende Honden at De Nor? Besides the Tequila night, beginning of June, yesterday's gig was the best attended gig so far at De Nor. A few things caught my eye:

- People formed a line to buy drinks, there was no bar jungle, no pushing around  or elbowing for drinks. Quite a sweet, friendly sight.
- I had made a bunch of mixes to play before and after the gig, though not specifically only dancable music, which a bunch of folks seemed to have trouble with (other's were dancing nevertheless) i keep thinking it's a strange idea that when some audience members do not specifically like certain music, it needs to change immidiatly into what they want to dance to. Some turd even grabbed the device that played these mixes to check out what else was on there, and the best comment i heard all night was "can't you play more like Guillaume Bijl now". The music we play at De Nor, is music you probably won't hear elsewhere, and the music you hear elsewhere is music you will only rarely hear at De Nor, probably never actually.
- People show up quite early at De Nor, even before we actually open, which is something i very much like. For years i complained about how the audience solely shows up for the afterparty, this time it's quite the opposite, the audience shows up well in time for the gigs and seems to really be into listening or watching whoever is playing, which is a joy for the players!

Within the next weeks, we are schakeling a vitesse hoger at De Nor! Next weekend FREE JAZZ MIDDELHEIM AND ALL OTHER PRISONERS is happening on both Friday, and Saturday.
followed by:

- August 14 : PITA (Mego label head / electronic composer)
- August 16: Orphan Fairytale and Dean Spunt (half of NO AGE)
- August 17: Miaux + Alvarius B (Sublime Frequencies/Sun City Girls) . + DJ Allon K (Für dich Cassette presentation)

(Ignatz & De Stervende Honden at De Nor, 03/08/2018, photo by Mark Rietveld)

On a completely different note, HERE you can read an interview with Stilluppsteypa, on their 'Beach Jolanda' lp, published by Ultra Eczema!


posted on 04 Aug 2018 by dennis tyfus

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