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Lijm in de cocosnoot

Middelheim Museum is showing The Pogo Never Stops again, from tomorrow on, all summer!

(Photo by Ans Brys)

While 'Daily Nightshift' runs at Extra-City Kunsthal, one can see 'De Nacht' from tomorrow on at De Warande in Turnhout. Both group-exhibitions are about nightlife. There's 2 drawings of mine on view at De Warande, and a video at Extra-City.


Upon request i've put together an all Ultra Eczema mix for NTS, which aired yesterday, and which you can re-listen to HERE.

Here's the tracklist:

1. Happy Mother's Day, I Can't Read : Untitled

(From UE60 'De Nagalm Op De Kopf' paper + compilation CD, 2006)

2. Bob & Lou : Track 4 (fragment)

(From UE91, Bob & Lou 'Five Tracks 1991-1993 ' LP, 2011)

3. Hiele Martens (fragment)

(From UE228, Hiele Martens 'Lips' LP, 2017)

4. Dan Melchior : Happiness Is Over Rated (fragment)

(From UE191, Dan Melchior 'Happiness Is Over Rated', LP, 2015)

5. Ludo Mich : Music from the film Saturnus (fragment)

(From UE25, Ludo Mich 'Music from films by Ludo Mich', LP, 2005)

6 Cannibal : untitled (fragment)

(From UE219, Cannibal 'Cannibal' LP, 2017)

7. Luc Tuymans & Miroslaw Balka : Crazy Horses (fragment)

(From UE61, Luc Tuymans & Miroslaw Balka 'Crazy Horses', LP, 2008)

8. Noor: Synapse Fusion Refusal

(From UE208, Noor 'Wont To Wanton Eyebath / Synapse Fusion Refusal', 7", 2019)

9. RTVS : RTVS (fragment)

(From UE276, RTVS '1981-2001 ... Approximately ', LP + Book, 2019)

10. Dog Lady Island : Nocturne Op. 55, Nr. 1

(From UE234, Dog Lady Island 'Chopin', LP, 2017)

11. MIAUX : Mare Adriatico

(From UE170, Miaux 'Dive', LP, 2014)

12. Kraus : Saturday Night Hubris

(From UE195, Kraus 'I Could Destroy You With A Single Thought', LP, 2015)

13. Cassini Division : Rigel

(From UE275, Cassini Division ' Eta Carinae ', LP, 2020)

14. Blake Hargreaves : Prelude At Chiesa Di San Filippo Neri, Genova

(From UE257, Blake Hargreaves 'Improvisations On The Pipe Organs Of Europe', LP, 2019)

15. DSR Lines : Ochtendgloren

(From UE198, DSR Lines 'Analogie Van De Dageraad', LP, 2016)

16. Bazuinschal : Untitled (fragment)

(From UE218, Bazuinschal 'Bazuingeschal', LP, 2018)

17. Daniel Padden : untitled (B3)

(From UE37, Daniel Padden 'The Isaac Storm', LP, 2006)

18. Bloated Ego & The Compliments : Sailin On (Bad Brains cover)

(From UE60 'De Nagalm Op De Kopf' paper + compilation CD, 2006)

posted on 25 Jun 2020 by dennis tyfus

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