the terminal smile on my face has made place for a slaughterfield where ants, pimples, and mountains of meat that i collected at the biomarket (every second sunday at falcomplein) fight their way to sleepieland.
the last few days have been increcibly fun, totally unexpected. ultra eczema celebrated it's 13th bday party at scheldapen!

i was happy my friend allon kaye of the great uk label ENTRACTE came over with JACQUES BELOEIL, allon made a surprise bday ultra eczema entracte guest release which i am extremely blown away by!! it is jacques beloeil's record on entracte with a silkscreen over it, limited to 13 copies, all in different colour variations, so they are actually all original! this edition will be added to the ultra eczema catalog, and will carry the number E64!!!! (pics will follow asap)

the fest was opened by PETER FENGLER, who did a beautiful lecture about the german artist STEPHANE BLOTH, a lecture spiced with peter's own classic performers style; dance moves, cup cracks, and nudity of course.
than TOXOPLASMOSIS played their first ever live show! equally beautiful, i dont think i ever saw em do anything bad, toxoplasmosis is the duo of nate young (wolf eyes etc) and alivia zivich, who played bass which gave it a sort of nice velvets zoom, beats kicking in, tape psych and mouth harmonica!
JACQUES BELOEIL played as great as his records sound; carpets of panned casio lurking, throbbing almost idm styled beats etc, it made me danced as if there was a iron in my underpants!
the cherry on the cake was PIERRE ELITAIR(e), who's 7" release party it was! i seriously didn't laugh this much during a show in my whole life, absolutely no shyness, although he was super nervous before, he pulled it of grantly!!! the king of belgian acid pulled up other oldies on stage such as katia stonewood (who is also on the sleeve of the 7"), daniel de botanicus, acid marcske etc all going banana's to the double plesuare formule of the 303 and 606 machines, at some point he even started explaining how the machines work..

the dj sets were also pretty ecceptional, daniel did a duo set with dj raphael which made everyone stay until 8 this morning. 
Posted on 04 Apr 2010 by dennis tyfus

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