Doorlopend zonder kaas, bieren en gezelligheid uitlopend.

I will be in Italy for a week, and i apologies straight away, as i had to cancel the No Choice Tattoos i was going to do at Standards in Milano. My back does not allow it yet, though soon i hope to be back on my feet entirely. Instead i will be at Standards anyway to see Caned Icoda, and to eat a last piece of Mozzarella Di Burrato, before i "never" eat dairy products again. Drama belongs in Italy.

Kramp : En De Bokkenrijders, K7 (Self Released)

(Best cassette i have heard so far from Stijn Wybouw, here under his 'Kramp' moniker. Stijn started sending me these incredible packages filled with tapes, collages, and drawings, drowning in envelopes that are also covered in more Limbabwagian splutter! On this cassette, sadly limited to only 10 copies, i absolutely don't have a clue what's he's playing, though it's almost sounding like Bolus-esque destroyed synth/electronics bulk! I wish there was a B side to it, as listening to the A side while cutting my finger off during primal salad makings stoked me to hear more. )

Matt Krefting / Matthew P. Hopkins : Leon, K7 (Penultimate Press)

(Live recordings from these 2 sweet men, soaked in b(l)ooze, recorded at Cafe Oto in London after the last Colour Out Of Space Festival in Brighton. It sounds like it probably felt: a gasp of hope after a marathon of spoiling the cathedral with products a human body can only enjoy "so much" of)


Frank Hurricane : Mountain Brew Light, LP (Feeding Tube)

(After making the juices flow all over Brussels and Antwerp, this charmer left a gap in both Belgian "cities", he truly carried the audience on both his hands during the Kraak fest, partly during his gig there, with the hilarious stories and/in his own language and off stage, as a positive force! So hurry up and get his records too, they're obviously the way to keep this one of a kind sweetheart alive. Blues, sparked with weird voice over doubles, stuff that sounds like a full band, all sauced in a incredible skill of being able to write songs that remain earworms until the light goes out forever)

Thurston Moore: Offerings, 12" (Ecstatic Peace Library / Red Bull Studios)

(A record that was supposedly free through some Red Bull event, though i'm not sure if that is the truth. Thurston Moore at his most black metal, though sunken deeply in psychedelic slime. With guest vocals by Cameron Jamie, and sleeve art by Savage Pencil.)

Elodie : La Porte Ouverte, LP (Faraway Press)

(I remain high on Elodie's music, or Timo Van Luijk, Andrew Chalk or Tom James Scott's music all seperate. All of it sounds truly calm, a feeling i don't really know in general)

21 Mar 2017 by dennis tyfus

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