Tijdens een lange nacht allerlei meningen gehad over onderwerpen waarvan ik het bestaan niet eens wist.

Last Thursday Vaast Claxon's exhibition 'Scheel Gehikt' opened. He pressed himself between a copy machine for a while, as he did not want to have anything to do with it all. The photocopy that came out of that is a free edition, any visitor can take home for free. Exactly, that last sentence is there to get you to come visit Pinkie Bowtie! We are open on Saturday and Sunday's between 2 and 6pm.

Last Friday, we filled a rented bus and drove to Rotterdoom to see Peter Fengler's grand solo show at Rib! A wonderful sound effect tolerating a bunch of wooden obstacles!

Last Saturday that same bus got a facelift when we drove it again to 1646 for the opening of my own solo exhibition 'Enfant Terrine' in The Hague. Within this exhibition we also opened 'De Nor', a travelling bar or venue that will get a permanent location from next smmer on at Middelheim Museum! The first performance at De Nor was a unexpected slap stick action by Stephane Schraenen, who found a walking stick in the rented bus and used that to throw some mayonaise on the party.

Last Sunday Charline Tyberghein and Jack Davey opened a duo exhibition called 'Jacques et Charline' at Souterain in Antwerp. Brutal concrete and chained scuptures by Jack The House and beautiful sometimes sad paintings and drawings by Charline Fabeljoke!
Last Sunday evening the queen of Belgian avant garde, Anny De Decker, celebrated her 80th birthday at the castle of Park Den Brandt.

Last Tuesday Stephane Schraenen also celebrated his 80th birthday.

And yesterday Sven T'Jolle's new solo exhibition opened at Plus One Gallery in Berchem!

opening drinks at De Nor!

Installation view of 'See You In The Pit' at 1646

Stephane Schraenen performing 'De Stok'
22 Sep 2017 by dennis tyfus

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