The Beatlesurfers

I have seen Benjamin Verdonck's 'Liedje Voor Gigi' at Toneelhuis.

And i have seen 'Three Billboards Outside Of Ebbing Missouri'. A movie full of great ideas.

And i have also seen 'The Florida Project', a movie with less good ideas in it, more like a very sunny Dardenne Borthers situation..

Isn't that interesting, that you know now that i have seen these things?

I can tell you as well that i am reading 'The Story Of Crass', a so far very interesting read on this incredible band, written by George Berger. It got me to revisit Crass, starting with the great poop carnival single 'Who Dunnit', and followed by loads and loads of their other fantastic songs.

22 Jan 2018 by dennis tyfus

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