Sneu dat men op een fotografische afbeelding niet zien kan dat de afgebeelde persoon uit de muil naar Berendrecht geurt.

Four new releases are available from Ultra Eczema: Dog Lady Island's 'Chopin' LP, Cannibal's second s/t LP, and Hiele-Martens debut one sided LP 'Lips' + a catalog of Dennis Tyfus' 'Up-and Downgrades' exhibition. all available from our bandcamp page HERE!

Tonight The Delta Wave festival and exhibition kicks off at Het Bos! Simultaniously Carla Arocha and Stephane Schraenen will play records "blind folded" or  through some kind of cadavre exquis trip at TRAP!

On Saturday The Delta Wave Festival continues at The Shame Boss, Stoute Meneer will play some records amongst a interesting row of cowboys and girls! The Richard Deacon exhibition opens at Middelheim Museum, Bart Sloow plays at Morbus Gravis,  and on both Saturday and Sunday Peter Fengler's exhibition 'Niets Gaat Meer' is open between 2 and 6 at Pinkie Bowtie
26 May 2017 by dennis tyfus

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