Ik : 'Dag Verse Groenten!' // Zij : 'Kenny Cue van ergens?"

Lately, i have listened to:

NYZ : MCRTNL, cd (Entr'acte)

(While talking to the plants in the morning, a great electronic soundtrack. I would not have a clue how this music is made, neither do i know how to make a croissant myself, i'll look both up right now, it is still early)

Laurent Fairon : Musique Isotype, cd (Entr'acte)

(Minimal candy that uses the digital silence that only a cd really has, to the 'breakadaaun", Vocal heroin injected in acoustic and electronic kindersurprises, every following track is like cracking open another one of these eggs filled with a yellow ball filled with a present you forget about the next day until u need another egg filled with a yellow ball filled with the present u saw before, maybe it was another Entr'acte release though. Somehow this cd reminds me of 'Slicer', one of Wolf Eyes' best cd's.)

The Parels : Mineral Kingdom, lp (Lal Lal Lal & Ikuisuus)

(Lookie look who we have here, it is jolly old ex Whitehouse member Jim Goodall and his pal Eddie Ruscha, the son of who you're thinking of, creating a heck of a mix. We hear brass, we visit the tropics and the troops, and we end up dancing with a mount gay in our left hand while our right hand is slamming the cymbals like it was mothersday just yesterday, only in Antwerp. We also hear some boats and multi layered clapping, ideal for the early evening.)

Annea Lockwood : Tiger Balm / Amazonia Dreaming / Immersion , LP (Black Truffle)

(Gorgious reissue of 3 incredible Annea Lockwood pieces! This just needs a lot of exclamation marks.)

John Butcher : Resonant Spaces, LP (Blume)

(As the title suggests, all saxophone pieces recorded in resonating spaces, such as caves and oil tanks, all in Scotland)

Remko Scha : Machine Guitars, LP (Kremlin)

(Sharing an afternoon, rubbing Marie-Sophie Beinke's carpet in my livingroom with my good friend Kris Delacourt, chatting, the Dutch artist Remko Scha came up a few times, probably while listening to a specifically repetitive saxophone sound on the John Butcher record we heard previously, that reminded me of Scha's motoric guitar music. Kris only knew Scha's quite intense 'Pomp Pump' cd, which sounds more brutal than this full lp. I am almost surprised how much more great records came out of Holland compared to Belgium. The finesse the Dutch are missing in their architecture, behaviour and food is definatly all thrown into their incredible music, and ok a little bit into their maatjes too probably. Ze zijn er!)

16 Aug 2017 by dennis tyfus

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