Graag had ik met haar aan jeugdbeweging gedaan.

I will play some tunes during a psychologiste's birthday party on Friday night in a bar where the locals took the gun of a man that tried to rob the bar, he had had to run for his life, as the locals took it serious and beat the man to pulp in front of their favorite bar.

On Saturday the Destination Earth "double" LP will be presented at The Boss! A classic "breaks" lp, this thing holds the same record twice for maximum scratch fun!

While playing with the tear a lear, i have (also) enjoyed:

Frans Zwartjes : Zwartjes Tapes 1, LP (Trunk)
(some years ago, when Stroep Doggy Dog showed Frans Zwartjes' movies at Scheldapen, i thought, damn these soundtracks are incredible, someone should put this out! And ja hoor, there we go, the English label Triunk put together a selection of recordings: a mix of on set field recordings, troubled exotics and organ hieroïca!! When i saw his movies i got stuck in a laughter trip, which annoyed many a spectator at that cinema. What a great artist!)

Thomas Bayrle / Bernhard Schreiner : Warp Weft, LP (Small World)
(Machinery techno of a very special blend, recorded from wavery machines, the sound here, in hardcore balance with Bayrle's repetitive works as a visual artist, has some heavy Remko Scha atmosphere.)

Hantrax : Gazebo Compositions, LP (Ekster)
(It is rare that i looked so much forward to put a record on, as i knew in advance, these are recordings of Ha Swolfs, playing piano, and a tiny bit of electronics. The result is a mesmerising, calming massage for ears and mind, dedicated to Jef Cornelis, a (family) friend of Han since his childhood. I believe the pieces on this record were also based on Cornelis' films, which are more than worth your time!)

Médico Doktor Vibes : Liter Thru Dorker Vibes, LP (Companion Records)
(quite a repetitive trip, as minimal as Suicide's early demo's.)
27 Jul 2017 by dennis tyfus

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