Hij was een kwartierchef, en het zat er te dekken al tegen!

I will be joining Thurston Moore Group on tour through Europe. On 3 occassions i will open for them. Here's the Schedule:

28/06/2017 Thurston Moore Group + Vom Grill at Bogen, Zürich (Swiss)
30/06/2017 Thurston Moore Group at Strom, Münich (Germany)
01/07/2017 Thurston Moore Group + Vom Grill at La Laiterie, Strasbourg (France)
02/07/2017 Thurston Moore Group at Rock Werchter, Werchter (Belgium)
04/07/2017 Thurston Moore Group at Beatpol, Dresden (Germany)
05/07/2017 Thurston Moore Group + Vom Grill at Proxima, Warsaw (Poland)

I'm prepared to experience 23 minutes over Brussels again, will have some UE items on me and look forward to see some old pals, new book- and recordstores!

(Photo by Dim Lil Stages)

I have recently enjoyed:

Mark E. Smith : Renegade! (Book)
(There's no reason why you should not read this, unless you're against smiling!)

Piotr Kurek : Edena, LP (Black Sweat Records)
(Mindblown by this psychedelic synth beast, on rotation since last week and very eager to hear much more of this Polish master, that seems to be playing different music under different monikers constantly!)

Wolf Eyes : Undertow, LP (Lower Floor Music)
(WE at their most drugged, like Sun Ra in a shitty photo copied punk magazine that ran out of black ink after 300 copies were thrown in a juice blender)

27 Jun 2017 by dennis tyfus

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