Last van aanbellen.

I've recently "scored" the first 4 issues of LEEG GOED through a pal from Radio Centraal. LEEG GOED was made in 1978 by R. Latoir in Brussels, seems like he was heaviyly involved in the whole punk/pyscho scene that happened in Brussels in those days around the VUB. The same scene that sprouted Marcel Vanthilt, who's first punk band 'The Horribles' are also intervewed in one of these issues.

Besides Gelderse Lende, i have also enjoyed:

Arthur Russell :  Instrumentals, 2xLP (Audika Records)
(Beautiful melancholic tearjerkers or sparse avant garde monsters, all smeared out over 4 sides that i wish would never end, or at least not before dinner time, what an incredible musician this man was!)

25 Apr 2017 by dennis tyfus

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