Schrijf jezelf een mooie brief en blijf "lekker" thuis.

On Saturday the Dutch artist, filmmaker and musician Frans Zwartjes passed away. RIP!

Kris Delacourt was our guest on Saturday during Tyfus Tight on Radio Centraal, it was strange to "interview" someone i know so well, as i obviously know everything about him already. nevertheless it was great to hear so much of his various musical endeavours in one hour. My friendship with Kris is older than Ultra Eczema, his hardcore band back then, SYC was in issue number one, and we remained interested in simular things along the way. It surprised me that his exhibition 'Press Play', now on show at Pinkie Bowtie, was his first ever solo exhibition. I obviously believe everyone should see it, which you can do until December 10, every Sat- and Sunday between 2 and 6pm!

Ian Svenonius is performing at Het Bos on Wednesday evening! It's free!

I have recently seen 'Green Room', a confused "punk" rock movie. The wrist scene is haunting me every time i look at my own wrist.

I have also recently seen 'Repo Man' again, a better punk movie.

21 Nov 2017 by dennis tyfus

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