Gezeten op mijn (eigen) knieën, een forse wind trotserend van een onoplettende "vriend(in)".

Our trio concert at Strookoffer within Etablissement D'en Face was not good, or at least i did not like it. A classic story of 'i could not hear myself'. On the other hand, rehearsing with Robert Pawliczek and Albert Mayr was a lot of fun, so maybe more will happen in the future.

The Strookoffer was a impressive work! A sort of replica of Adolf Loos' beautiful 'American' bar in Vienna, build in "stroo", at 44% of the real size, by a group of artists that don't necessarily always work together: CHRISTOPH MEIER, UTE MÜLLER, ROBERT SCHWARZ and LUKAS STOPCZYNSKI. This bar was open every weekend during the course of the exhibition, until the morning hours. Everyone that told me about the bar in the past weeks said the same: 'that's a dangerous place'.. And yes, very Viennese indeed, lots of Schnaps and Stroh Rhum, a build in poppers snorting box, and a bong that runs through the bar, amplified over the speakers. The music is also all slowed down 44%. The place was jam packed every time they were open. Moving to Brussels is actually not such a bad idea.

On Saturday i did about 13 NO CHOICE TATTOOS during museumnight at 1646 in The Hague. It was also the last day you could see the 'Enfant Terrine' exhibition there. You can still contact me if you would like your cathedral to be decorated with a NO CHOICE TATTOO, it seems like many folks think that i only do these tattoos ocassionally and mosty publicly, which is untrue. Though soon, you can also get some during museumnight in Amsterdam at De Brakke Grond on November 4th!
23 Oct 2017 by dennis tyfus

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