Vijf jaar vruchteloos wachtend op haar, geen enkel produkt blijkt te helpen, HET komt nooit nog terug!

RIP Danny Monster Cruz! My love and condolences go out to the other members of Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth, and all his friends and family.

On Saturday I will do some NO CHOICE TATTOOS at 'Dakim Matinée' at Standards in Milan, Italy!
On Monday i will play all vocal/poetry live concert at POESIA CARNOSA, a sound/poetry festival in Roma, Italy!

Also on Saturday, the Icelandic crew at ABC KLUBHUIS are hosting a evening of special drinks, slaes of books and possible presents that fit under your xmas tree and so on, their opening hours are there to confuse, they are not open from 2 on like their website indicates, though they will be open this Saturday between 4 and 10pm!

I recently enjoyed 'Hargawaan Por Shain', a recent lp by the Belgian combo 'Varkenshond' on Aguirre Records.
The record serves well as a missing link between Sunburned Hand Of The Man and Wim De Bie's 'De Fluiten Van Ver Weg!

14 Dec 2017 by dennis tyfus

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