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Er is nog werk aan de winkel, na sluitingstijd.

A few months ago the company that hosted our website/newspage decided to throw away the entire archive of this website.
We have tried upon till now to get it back, through phonecalls, emails and so on, without any luck. So we will just restart now.

A few things have happened recently:

The past 7 months or so, we have been working on a pavillion / sculpture / open air venue / artwork / space called 'De Nor'. This space was made for the 'Experience Traps' groupexhibition at Middelheim Museum, a exhibition that is part of the Antwerp Baroc year.
De Nor is open every Friday evening this summer, from 9pm on.
This Friday the fantastic AF URSIN will be performing.

De Nor opened on June 1st with a concert of Monopoly child Star Searchers. This was the only time it actually has rained so far, all the other shows there (every friday night) have been hot like a balloon! On June 2nd a 'Tequila' night cracked open the place for real. For this occasion about 35 different artists/bands/musicians created a version of this classic Champs song, some spot on exact copies, some problematic performance trouble, some sax hits, some extreme guitar work outs, some nudity etc. We organised this night in the very beginning to see what the place can handle, as these type of nights proved to be some of the more diffcult ones in the past (the one song nights i mean).
On June third, in the afternoon, Peter Fengler performed a piece from his Baroc / Non Baroc cycle.
On June 8th Hiele and Stilluppsteypa played, both gorgious sets of electronic blubber, we could for the first time really hear we got the right speakers.
On June 15th Sis Matthé presented 'Persoonlijk Geraakt', a book of poems, published by Für dich Verlag, and Chris Corsano played a solo drums/percussion set.
On June 22nd Dingbat superminx performed, which was not my cup of milk, and King Dick played a fantastic psychdelic summer rock set. Although so far the least attended gig (it was only 5 degrees or so) people were dancing on their seats. DJ Miaux played afterwards as well, and presented a new mixtape Für Dich Verlag published as well.
On June 29th, in the afternoon Marie sophie Beinke and Milan W. celebrated their birthdays on the seats/stairs of De Nor with lots of food, and buckets full of drinks. In the evening Swolfs and De Mey provided De Nor with a extensive soundtrack. They blew up the speakers with a beautifully abused Depeche Mode decoding , while i had to get a used tampon out of a full, overflown toilet filled with human poopiedoopies. Jan Matthé deejayed afterwards through speakers that sounded like they ate magic mushrooms. (the speakers problem was luckily immediately solved afterwards)
On July 6th Sui Moon and Gerard Herman performed. Sui Moon this time was the duo of Senne Claes and Maika Garnica, both ex academy students. They create soft ambient structures with home made sound sculptures, like selfs made gongs, flutes etc. Gerard Herman has put out the main light, and hung a strong lamp around his neck that attracks all kinds of insects. He also did one of the best performances i have seen him do so far. To celebrate the baroc year, he blew up a par of a Rubens painting and cut out the mouth in one of the creatures on there. through this hole, he sang baroc songs over self made electronic versions.
On July 13th Elko Blijweert performed a mind expanding site specific concert, written specifically for the space. I guess one could call this a "play" instead of a concert. Elko flew around in the garden, danced, played all kinds of instruments and told a story that was both funny and sad, which formed the base for this set.
On July 14th Radio centraal celebrated Le Quatorze Juillet in annual tradition, with DJ Daniel and DJ Pierre Elitair. 

Within this short period of absence Antwerp has also lost three colourful folks.

RIP Markus Verbeeck, 17/03/1964 - 21/06/2018
(Sad to see the singer/bass player of Belgium's best HC band of all time, Zyklome A, depart)

RIP Rudi Renson, 11/09/1936 - 13/07/2018
(Sad to hear my friend Rudi Renson has passed away on Friday the 13th! Ex situationist, architect for life, and natural trouble maker. Being confronted with the radical poetry of RTVS, his and Roland Rom's situationist radio madness at the age of 14 was a life changing event, and so were the discussions at Café De Kat, his incredible strenght, surprising friend and foe with -after he never painted before- picking up painting after his stroke with his left hand! His generosity towards me and many other (younger generation) centralists, leftist, erocliekers, pranksters and urban architects will be remembered with a terminal grin! ER IS MAAR EEN AVANT GARDE EN DAT ZIJN DE ARBEIDERS ZELF!!!)

RIP Dirk Langhendries, 22/03/1970 - 17/07/2018
(Safe travels Dirk! All strenght to his many friends, family and the folks he took care of at JAC with a heart of gold, his dry humour and wit, the power of his calming voice and the ability to choose the right words for every occasion.)

posted on 19 Jul 2018 by dennis tyfus

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