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Zijn eigen piel bekleed met bladgoud.

In late August i had the chance to play together with 2 of my musical heroes: Mette Rasmussen (not that weird, as we form the duo Bazuinschal since quite a while now) and Joe Mcphee (weirder, as we had never met before). As with many other things, i was a late bloomer concerning the work of the fantastic multi instrumentalist Joe Mcphee, though since i know his work (since about 5 years or so only), i have bought anything i come across, often not knowing what it would be like. He is one of these players that pulls the word "free" back in front of "improvisation". He does not come prepared, and does not play standards. I am grateful to Coen and Kristel of Oorstof for giving us the posibility to play at the last edition of Summer Bummer. A wonderful festival, sadly really not well enough attended. My favorite gig at this festival was the duo of Limpe Fughs and Gerard Herman at the church located at Mechelsplein.

(Mette & Joe photo by Wanda Detemmerman)

Vonny De Winter, has passed away recently, she left us with her middle finger up, yelling at all her friends that they were not allowed to post anything about it on facebook. She always wanted to go as an angry old lady apparently, though she was a true sweetheart, a beauty, a real feminist, a great soup maker, a member of Kiek, she made music with Gust Gils when animals could still talk, and if you want to know some surprisingly spicey story's about her, you should try to find Daniel Weinberger's book 'Ik Daniel Weinberger". RIP Vonny! (today a event was organised at café De Kat to remember her, something she also did not approve of)

Sadly, that is not all. Annemie Defer has also passed away last Friday. After her life partner Rudi Renson had passed away last month, a agressive lung cancer was discovered, which she tried to fight without luck. We knew eachother since a quite long time, first through Noni and Babs Stone, later because of Rudi, who she took care of the last years. It's really sad to see her go. RIP Annemie!

On Thursday night, the exhibition 'Naughty Kids, Punk In Antwerp, 1978 - 2018' opened at The Royal Academy Of Antwerp. Johan Pas, Guy Bovin and some other folks have put this partly archival / partly "new" exhibition together. Right before going to the opening i spoke to an old punk called Eddy, we both agreed that everyone present will complain about how this is punk and that's not punk and why is this not in there and why is that in there. And we were right. I did enjoy the concert of The Kids, and lots of wine, i also thought it was hilarious some folks were bootlegging all kinds of old fanzines, including the first issue of Ultra Eczema. Quite embarassing, though i knew this day was coming.

On Friday night Guillaume Bijl and Uli Lindmayr privately celebrated the 30th birthday of their relationship at De Nor. Quite a joyful event where Rufus Michielsen played some 60's classics, Guillaume Bijl played his mix of shit hop and rock und roll, and Jan Patthé played a ton of Scheldapen classics.

On Saturday Seppe Gebruers played a piece of Charlemagne Palestine on the carillon of the Antwerp Cathedral. Honestly one of the most amazing concerts i have experienced so far. Seppe allowed me and some others upstairs in the cathedral with him to film this exceptional happening, the sound there was absolutely insane, and while watching i was truly wondering what unexpecting passer by's would think of this. At times it sounded like the pre-programmed carillon was flipping out. If the recordings of this event worked out well, Ultra Eczema might put it out! In the evening Charlemagne also played a piano concert at the instrument museum at Vleeshuis, where he is also showing some of his artworks right now. Afterwards, around 10pm, Asmus Tietchens performed at Tepel Dans, it sounded great but after three days of puberty i fell asleep on Tepel Dans' table.



posted on 09 Sep 2018 by dennis tyfus

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