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Berre Bergen verzette bergen werk bij die kreuners.

It has been a while since i have updated this page, not out of mamoetwil, or because i forgot, but because i was too deeply burried in getting the sleeves done for a bunch of new Ultra Eczema releases, and especially because i have been digging deep in the archive of Rudi Renson. Rudi sadly passed away last summer, after a life of high quality insanity, general situationism, salon action, rapping and zapping, etc. Years ago Rudi passed on his studio to me at Ercola, which i am very thankful for, he also left me mountains of cassettes, and archival material that had to do with his activity at Radio Centraal. I dare to state that the brutality in RTVS, his radioshow with Roland Rom, changed the lanuage of Centraal and guided it into a utterly strange direction.
I have came across some hilarious and weird recordings and lots of confusing information, which will make an upcoming publication on RTVS (or Renson and Rom) quite interesting!

While being busy with this, Daniel De Wereldvermaarde Botanicus and myself also re-picked up working on a book to celebrate the 40th birthday of that same old Radio Centraal. This will hopefully be done next year! If u happen to have interesting archival material, especially from the early days, or even earlier, feel free to get in touch.

I have played a piano concert at Cafe Oto in London yesterday, which was fun. It was the first time i used a form of "comedy" on stage, basicly injecting what i do during my radioshow, on a stage, something i always thought would be impossible. And it might still be. I had to perform after a really beautiful concert by the trio of Lia Mazzari - Tom White and Sholto Dobie. I am hoping to bring them to perform their gorgious music at De Nor this summer too. It was greta to see them together. I've known Tom's music for quite a while, Lia always seemed to be doing interesting things and carries around a enthusiasm that lights a room up, and Sholto is fairly new to me and facinated me instantly. Stoked for more!
While in London i have also quite enjoyed a visit to Saint-John's in good company, to Low Company (the recordstore of the Blackest Ever Black folks), who will be carrying UE soon too, and to some exhibition with my pal Luke Younger, who's couch was too small to fit my entire ego in.

On Friday i will be playing with Kreemer (a duo with Cameron Jamie) at Instant Chavires in Paris at a Ideologic Organ night!


posted on 30 Jan 2019 by dennis tyfus

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