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John, Paul, Ringo en Shanaia

While, in the past weekend, Nel Aerts opened 2 grand exhibitions in Germany, Jelle Spruyt opened an exhibition he currated at 252CC in Ekeren of only lady artists he is friends with. Those lady's all made a flag.

Tonight Koning Piet, Jeroen Stevens and two sisters are playing at De Muze.
Tuesday evening Oneida plays at Het Bros.
Friday Adrian Sherwood plays at that same Bos.
Saturday Valgerður Sigurðardóttir opens a solo exhibition at Next Door Gallery.

And Sunday is the last day of my own exhibition 'My Niece's Pierced Knees' at Middelheim Museum in Antwerp.

Zilveruitjes 3, the third recycled mixtape in a series of monthly mixtapes is available from our website now!

I have been listening to:

Blackhumour : Romance, LP (Korm Plastics)
(I somehow sold this record years ago and just bought it back, i have absolutely no idea why i would have ever sold this. Blackhumour is simply fantastic! Mystic vocal sound works that move only very slowly. It sounds like loops, but they're not loops, they just change in ridiculous ways that fuck with your brain and when you think you got it, it catapults you back in time.)

Albert Oehlen & Luke Calzonetti : JB Slik in the mix, LP ( Künstelerhaus Graz, Austria)
(This record was made in conjunction with a big retrospective exhibition on the great Jörg Schlick in Graz, his hometurf when he was rather alive! Here his pal Albert Oehlen and Luke Calzonetti join forces to gently abuse and change JB's music, resulting in a lovely mess! The kind of music you would hear in a bar at 6 am for an hour before you notice it actually sounds insane!)

Akio Suzuki : Jumping & Standing, LP (Art Into Life)
(I have absolutely zero problems with listening to laughter on a record. In fact i would love to join in on the annual recording of what they use on television as a lachband.. but that's a different story. I'm not sure what Aiko is playing here, but it cracks up the audience in ways that are only comparable to a full casino cursaal during a Gaston & Leo show!)

Fritz Müller : Fritz Müller Rock, LP (Roth-Händle)
(Terrible teeeeerrrible German rock music, sunken deep into bad humour on one hand, and incredible sparse instrumental kraut.. a very confusing record i would have never gotten if i would have quickly skipped through it in a recordstore. Timo Van Luijk recommended it to me, Fritz played in a band with some Kraftwerk men before they were called Kraftwerk or something)

Writing down Kraftwerk, got me craving to listen to Radioactivity, one of my all time favorite records.


posted on 11 Mar 2019 by dennis tyfus

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