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Gepofte jassen en glimmende handtassen.

Within the past week or so we tried recording with Kreemer, the duo of Cameron Jamie and myself. Instead of doing what we usually do when we make a form of music together, we decided to try different things, which miserably failed, but were extremely fun to do. I have not laughed as much since seeing some televisionshow in Casa Lina in 2009 i think. We will need to re-try recording at some later date.

Otherwise i have priced a ton of records, singles and cassettes to sell at Kraak Festival on Saturday afternoon. Mostly doubles or records i have not loved enough. Lots of cheapo's and some fancy plants.

Like every year, i'm quite looking forward to this years Kraak Festival at Beursschouwburg in Brussels. Not only do i get to spent time with some pals from Brussels, one usually also gets to see lot of unknown and unheard sounds and music, and also one tends to miss out on a lot of great gigs because one is stuck at the bar. One of the gigs i'm most looking forward to is Christophe Piette's. Who you can read a talk with HERE, which Lieven Martens Moana did.


I have been hearing:

Blod : Livets Ord, cassette (self released)
(More "ambient" than his masterpiece 'Knutna Nävar', though still on repeat here since days! The longest piece on here (22:22) is gorgious and has that simular melancholic end tune of a 70's tv show atmosphere as some of his other work, but i guess for a more depressing tv show or something. I honestly think that 'Knutna Nävar' jumped to one of my all time favorite records in the past few months. It's also rare that one can sing along to a record that i own..)

Etant Donnés : El Carro, 7" (G3G Records)
(I tend to forget how incredible Etant Donnés really is! Like whispered power electronics.. soft electronics actually. The older they got and the more "sophisticated", the less brutal, the more i enjoyed their music.)


posted on 26 Feb 2019 by dennis tyfus

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