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Een vierde van een uur de kwartierchef aan het lijntje houden.

Thank you to those who showed up and those who organised the gigs at Oto and Ìnstant Charviré! I had a blast! A positive side effect of visiting a foreign city is the posibility to visit it's great recordstores. In London Low Company was a highlight, and in Paris Souffle Continu was as well!

Some records i have been enjoying:

Michael O'Shea : s/t, LP (Allchival)
(Originally released on Dome Records in 1982, a killer, oddball record of repetitive string magic)

Maria W Horn : Kontrapoetik, LP (Portals Editions/XKatedral)
(Lots of auditive beauty seems to be hailing from Sweden or Denmark in the past years: Ellen Arkbro, Kali Malone, Blod, Croatian Amor etc, all driven by some sort of special hot organ sauce of sorts. This record sits perfectly next to the aformentioned)

Low Life : Dogging, LP (Alter)
(Fantastic scumrock banger from Australia, sounds like the Cosmic Psychos jamming with the swinger of the Pet Shop Boys! This lp has been on rotation since days here)

Richard Youngs : Varispeed Etudes, LP (Golden Lab Records)
(I have said more than once, out loud, that i will buy anything i come across of this specialist! A specialist specialised in music specifically. All kinds of music really. Here he is testing nerves and other bodyparts with speed and repetition. Could be a very good soundcheck pressed on plastic)

Salm, Gaelic psalms from the hebrides of Scotland, Volume 2,  LP (Arc Light Editions)
(Second volume of my favorite record of last year, timeless beauty, more of the same. There can't be enough of this)

Francois De Roubaix : Daughters Of Darkness original soundtrack, LP (Music on Vinyl)
(Stoked me to re-watch the movies of the great Harry Kümel, especially 'De Komst Van Joachim Stiller'. Instant hit tunes all around here, some lovely Elko B type of vibe, and the kind of beats one would find on After Hours cassettes.)

posted on 03 Feb 2019 by dennis tyfus

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