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Ranzig groot gebracht en vroeg verslenst

We have forgotten to anounce FREE JAZZ MIDDELHEIM here, on this page. Maybe all together we have even forgotten slightly about this page, but that will change again soon. Besides De Nor activities this summer, have been quite occupied with the publication of a few new records, that will be released in September! Miaux's third LP with UE will be presented on September 5th at De Nor, and the RTVS LP will be presented at Pinkie Bowtie on September 11th. That last one costed blood sweat and tears of joy, and about a year of our life somehow. RTVS was a radioshow that a group of people did on Radio Centraal between March 1981 and Arpil 2001. It's main protagonists were ex-Situationist and architect Rudi Renson, and his friend, Restaurator Roland Rom. The show and it's people are not that easy to explain in 5 lines. Which is why it will be presented at Pinkie Bowtie with an exhibition and the LP will come with a booklet with loads and loads of interviews and an essay.

First though, this Friday Sunn O))'s Stephen 'O Malley will play together with François Bonnet (aka Kassel Jaeger) as Cylène!! They have a great record coming u on Mego in September, and it's their first gig in Belgium! Margardida Garcia will open for them! We will start at 9pm sharp!

We can be short about last weekend: Friday was one of the weirder, shittier evenings at De Nor so far, almost everyone was chitchatting during the gigs, it was pissing rain and most of the concerts were not that inspired and exciting. Stephane Schraenen, who anounced all the gigs in his signature class style, and yours truly were debating afterwards if some things need to be different, maybe limiting the lenghts of the sets was a bad idea, or people knew what it was going to be like from last year's jollyness and only brought instruments that can be ruined (a lot of little crappy flutes, etc). Maybe we fantasised a little too much about the posibilities, that's our problem, not yours. On Saturday the whole thing was changed around 100% though! The weather was slightly less shitty, everyone seemed very excited, and most of all, there was a bunch of people, like Roman Hiele, Milan W., Eric Thielemans and Wim De Busser, who are somehow really good in making a party great! It probably just stands or falls with enthousiasm. + Some of the concerts were incredible: Kris Vanderstraeten and Roman Hiele's Bailey-esque madness, Bauke Noppen's fratparty, Jan Matthé & Eva Van Deuren's saxy time and the lady percussion band! A unexpected party afterwards was also fun. Thanks to everyone that showed up, helped and played!!


posted on 19 Aug 2019 by dennis tyfus

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