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Een potente knaap die een patent nam op eendenpaté

RIP Ennio Morrecone

With a big questionmark hanging above me gigantic head, i am wondering where the HARK lp by Jacques Plafond and his Plaffonières was my whole life? I shaved my eyebrows and drew surprised eyebrows above my eyes, just because i am prentending lockdown never ended. Isn't Lockdown a hardcore band from Kontich from the 1990's?
HARK combines a bunch of fantastic elements, although the record was almost ruined by it's explanation, mentioning Zappa as a reference. Nothing against Zappa, but not every well played strange record sounds like the clownprog that smart man made. HARK is the firt record the Dutch fluxus artist Wim T Schippers made in the beginning of the 70's. Schippers is a machine! He had already made strange tv shows, showed nudity for the first time on national tv, did a march of on Amsterdam, which was just a walk, made dogpoop out of dogfood and spread it all over town, emptied a bottle of sparkling water in the sea etc. The genius always magicly changes my otherwise downloaded mouth in a uplifted partyboat! Check out this fantastic record, that has Han Benninck on drums by the way.


posted on 06 Jul 2020 by dennis tyfus

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