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About the past three days at De Nor:

Friday : Annelies Monseré played her signature melancholic tunes and told a joke that did not sound like a joke until she said it was a joke. The joke involved her son. I laughed out of curiosity and cheer respect. Mark Harwood did something in between a nervous breakdown, Crocodile Dandy'esque hunting, childhood actionism, music and non music. His jokes were not concidered jokes by many, i had a good laugh, which i wonder about if that was out of some unconfortableness or because it was funny. Mark also left shaving cream on Annelies keyboard, which she absolutely did not enjoy. She did not trade records with Mark, although he would have loved that.

Saturday : A rollercoaster of lectures and readings, most of which i could not focus on because i was too damn nervous to "perform" "my" own "poem" and "music", which went hopelessly wrong. I realised 2 or 3 hours after my 15 minutes of fame that i forget to tell the actual clue of the story i tried to tell. Memorably though, were some of Jan Matthé's words for sure. DJ Het Effect played some great tunes afterwards, until she said she played almost everything she had and then played Cher etc..

Sunday : First time we had 3 punkgigs in a row, set up by "The City Is Dead' : Arrogänt, a sort of d-beat band from the kempen, Permanent Debt, a high energy hc band with some remains of Cheap Drugs, and S.H.I.T., a bunch of über friendly Canadian punks that brought the great Tom Ellis from London with them! We would love to do more of these type events! Was fun to see some faces i had not seen in over 10 years.

We are working on Pedant 4! Whcih should be out on August first and will include a interview with Vincent Stroep, most people don't know this, but this legend use to be a performance artist! An interview with Joshua Burkett, one with Lia Mazzara, a horoscope for the rest of the year, some words about the Sunday Debates by Silver Sindy and Johan Alexander De Ceulaer, and a extensive talk with music lover Guts De Cotser!

On Friday Cocaine Piss and Velma Spell will play at De Nor!


posted on 22 Jul 2019 by dennis tyfus

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